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Skyline Concrete5 Theme

Skyline is a lightweight, modern theme. The theme is responsive, using Zurbs recently released Foundation 4 framework. Foundation 4 uses the mobile first approach which progressively enhances the theme to its desktop solution.

Skyline also benefits from making use of Concrete5 Customization options within the admins dashboard, no coding required. Making this theme perfectly suited to any business.


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Tiger Concrete5 Theme

Tiger was built using Zurbs Foundation framework which scales and adjusts to look great in any browser or on any device. Having a solid grid in place means it can handle multiple layouts, and can be expanded upon. Seven easily customisable Page Types (layout options) are included, allowing for maximum flexibility and customisation of a site owners' content.

I believe the heart of a website is its typography. Therefore the theme contains clear and concise type which allows for hierarchy, and a flow of content. The colour pallet is limited to oranges and greys with plenty of white space, making it a spacious and clean theme.


Tiger Concrete5 Theme

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